Tennessee Pre Sample 3 Pack Lemonade

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Tennessee Pre Sample 3 Pack Lemonade

Top of the line pre workout, for any runner. Now it a 3 pack Sample! 
We have all had our fair share of trying supplements for energy. From Energy drinks, gels, powders, jelly beans, etc. Either they don’t provide a long last energy, or they provide a major crash after. Or for worse you feel your heart is racing because it is too strong of a supplement. Introducing Tennessee Pre.

We used top of the line products and did not cheap out on the ingredients (listed below) it has the perfect amount of ingredients for the following:

1. You will have a burst of energy, focus, endurance, increased vascularity, increased muscle growth, fat burning booster, and your body will repair and rejuvenate after a workout faster than on its own

2. The perfect pump, strong enough to have you focus on the task at hand. But, not over powerful to feel jittery and anxious.

3.  No crash Period. After your run you will still feel energized as it slowly wears off. 

1 scoop = 2 cups of coffee

3 individual servings total 


#1- Creatine Hydro-chloride- 5 Grams

#2- BCAAs- 4 Grams

#3- Betaine- 2.5 Grams

#4- Citrulline Mallate- 6 Grams

#5- Caffeine- 250 Milligrams

#6- Isopropylnorsynephrine- 10 Milligrams

#7-  Beta Alenine- 3.2 Grams

#8- Glutamine- 5 Grams

Taurine- 1.5 Grams

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